Bebe Alexander 
Architectonic Ceramic Sculpture
I have always had the need to make objects, and feel that that is hard-wired in my brain. It’s a personality trait that I can not escape from, even if I want to. I love having the ability, and opportunity, to take a figment of my imagination and turn it into a three dimensional object that can be viewed and touched by another person. 

My work is a reflection of my respect for the inventiveness and ingenuity of human beings to change our environment and landscape to meet physical, emotional and intellectual needs. My sculptures are inspired by the architectural forms and machinery we use to affect these changes. I am particularly drawn to the lines of deco and streamline modern design. I look at buildings, architectural drawings and illustrations, cars and house wares from the first half of the 20th century for inspiration. 

Never being completely satisfied with the last piece is what motivates me onto the next one. I always feel that I have a better piece in my mind than the one that I just completed, or am anxious to take what I have learned from a previous piece and apply that knowledge to the next. 

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